N340 Globalfem

Gender roles

The N340 Globalfem project, work of artist Ana Navarrete, utilizes different mediums (video table, maps, visual essays, audio, websites, database) to pose a series of interrelated issues dealing with global economic policy and contemporary female migration. The N-340 road is a major highway for transporting goods and people: a landmark for businesses, services and brothels. This road is a living example of how women’s bodies are treated as merchandise that draws enormous profits, playing an important role in the production and reproduction of globalized capitalism. Artist, researcher and teacher at the Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha, Navarrete’s academic specialization focuses on cultural practices of resistance related to social movements and issues, as well as on an analysis of gender identity and violence against women. She is currently head researcher of the AEMA R&D&I project (Spanish Media Art Archive), which is devoted to the conservation of new media art.