O.R.G.I.A., Is There No Place for Dykes in Beni?

 Gender and tourism

O.R.G.I.A.’s work entitled “Fucking the City, Vol III” redefines the city as a sexual amusement park for the “invader”, reversing the dichotomies of active-passive, public-private and masculine-feminine. In the piece entitled “Autoerótica”, we see the skyline of Benidorm and the iconic Intempo building in an adventure that is part nighttime bender, part witches’ Sabbath. Introduced into this peculiar scene is a trio of characters from yesterday, today and tomorrow, representative of the Benidorm nightlife. Drive and desire are yet again the motivating force behind the chaos and disequilibrium of the characteristic system of urban appearances. Fucking the City is an ongoing project that aims to gradually question the heterocentric and typically bourgeois conduct present in western cities. By virtue of unexpected modifications of scale and the hybridization of technical iconography and pulp, the aim is to present a quasi-alien and hypersexual invasion of public urban spaces. By means of the giant-monster archetype, the project aims to interchange the symbolic values of a certain type of architecture (phallic), as well as redesign certain spaces (others), such as fountains, etc. The city is thus redefined as a sexual playground for the “invader”, where the active-passive / public-private / masculine-feminine dichotomies are reversed, and where drive and desire become the motivating forces behind chaos and disequilibrium, turning the typical game of urban appearances on its head.