She Didn’t Call It Home, But It’s All She Had. 

Gender identity

Gender and the body

Gender and attire

Natividad Navalón is an interdisciplinary Spanish artist who has contributed to contemporary conceptual art in the areas of sculpture, photography and installations. She balances the time she devotes to creation with teaching, in her position as Projects Course Director at the School of Fine Arts, Universitat Politècnica de València. Her work depicts the female narrative, approaching themes that address the process of female identity and drawing particular attention to the unwritten legacy passed down from mothers to daughters.

It likewise highlights the commitment to recover a sphere that has always been denied to women. The artistic work of Natividad Navalón is present in influential contemporary art collections, and offers a reflection on feelings and emotions as a common element, in line with feminist discourse and contemporary women’s narrative. As her work has evolved it has continued to preserve its symbolic character, but from a broader perspective that is intimately linked to the female experience. In her series “Sin pedir perdón” (No Apologies), she explores female archetypes, experimenting with the medium of sculpture using materials from the textile industry.