18th Century Dress

Gender and attire

The Museu d’Història de València houses a reproduction of an 18th century dress. It is the work of María Victoria Liceras, collector and enthusiast of historical attire. The dress is made of red silk with a floral pattern, and is comprised of a doublet and skirt. The doublet is snug fitting, with a square neckline finished with lace trim, and sleeves ending just below the elbow that are finished with a lace ruffle. An elegant white shawl matching the lace on the dress partially covers the shoulders and neckline. Financial and business relationships among members of the upper-middle class were of great importance, and were based on family relations and ties of friendship. Marriage was therefore of great importance. Women of affluent background were held in high esteem, as the marriages arranged for them by their parents could increase the family’s wealth and links to power.