Calathus with dance scene

Tossal de Sant Miquel (Lliria, Valencia)

Gender and clothing

Gender and social class

Gender and life cycle

The “kalathos of the dance” is a ceramic vase from the 3rd-2nd centuries BC, found at the old Iberian city of Edeta (Tossal de Sant Miquel de Llíria, València), which represents a dance scene. The procession is led by a flautist and a tuba player, followed by a group of three men and four women holding hands. On the edge of the kalathos appears the painted name of a woman, Balkeuni(n), probably the person who ordered the manufacturing of the vase. The scenes of this and other ceramics from the Tossal de Sant Miquel, provide valuable information about the identities and gender roles of the Edetan elites.