Tartane (Fishing Ship from El Cabanyal)

Sexual/gender division of labor  

Fishing was a long-standing and demanding profession in Valencia, performed traditionally by men. Fishing was done as a team. Many hands were needed to raise the sails, guide the vessels out to sea, bring the catch back to shore, repair the nets, fold the sails and caulk the ships. Men, women and children participated in all of these tasks. The women traditionally sat on the beach waiting for the fishing ships to return, equipped with large baskets to carry the fresh fish to market, as depicted in this work by José Benlliure Ortiz. It was also the women, at times accompanied by some of the older children, who were tasked with maintenance duties such as repairing sails and fishing nets. These paid activities were performed outside of the domestic sphere, and were complementary to domestic work. The women who sold fish on the streets or in the market were family of the fishermen, and their work contributed to the family income.