Mujeres libres

Gender roles

Gender identity

Gender and space

Mujeres libres (2017) was created for the exhibit entitled “Carmela García. Images of Power –  Cartography of the Invisible” (2017). One of the key points of the project is the construction of genealogies, i.e. connecting women of the past with women of the present. This tool opens the door to creating an alternate future, a future that includes female references that allow us to create a robust identity, making us aware that women must also be a part of public discourse. The second key to interpreting Carmela García’s work is sorority, or sisterhood. In contrast to the patriarchal stereotype that women are highly competitive among themselves, the artist highlights the need to work as an association, based on dialog and a level playing field. Finally, this piece shows the occupation of the public sphere by women, historically relegated to the private sphere.