18 Valencian museums open the doors of their collections to make them accessible to the public from the standpoint of gender.

Gender incorporates a range of characteristics (roles, attitudes, physical attributes, standards of behaviour, sexuality, etc.) which are associated with people, generally based on their sex, forming a system for classifying individuals into specific categories. Gender is neither innate nor static.

Femininity, masculinity, stereotypes, assigned roles … these are some of the themes dealt with in the project Rereadings. Museum Itineraries from a Gender Perspective. This project, subsidized by the Government of Valencia and through a study by the Universitat de València, offers a range of views of the collections housed at each one of the participating museums, with the aim of generating new discourses which will allow visitors to reflect on the role of women, patriarchal myths and social inequality between men and women.

Visiting these museums entails considering what role history plays in this area and questioning our own role in fostering such attitudes. Rereadings proposes a visit at various levels of information. What you choose to discover is up to you. In the download area, you will find information sheets for each piece and a glossary of gender terms.

Cultural Route

Rereadings is intended to be an ongoing dialogue between the museum and its surroundings. It proposes a cultural tour which links various museums, fine arts as well as ethnography and history, while also making it possible to connect the city of Valencia with municipalities in the Horta Sud district, including Mislata, Torrent and Aldaia.

To follow this route, download the leaflet from our website.

Rereadings in the future

Rereadings is conceived as an ongoing work in progress to which will be added more museums, new pieces, signage at participating museums, series and lectures. Therefore, if you would like to find out what we are doing, keep an eye on this website.